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Long march Khvenaha competencies excellence and leadership in the processing and ideas in implementation has been taken into account when you start to work clinics harnessing what invented the technique of devices in the field of medicine and put it in the hands of doctors skilled and distinguished in their field through their terms of reference in all branches of medicine in order to get patients on service compatible with the level of their aspirations and their ambition did not lose sight of the side-equipped and furnished to be a luxury that suits the elite distinctive target polarization ...

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3256 Hira St, Al Naeem, Jeddah 23525

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عيادات الاسنان من 9:30 صباحا - 1 مساء ومن 5 العصر حتى 10 اليل دوام يوم الجمعة من 5 العصر الي 10 اليل
عيادة الجلدية
من 10 صباحا الي 10 مساء
كل يوم ماعدا الجمعة من 5 العصر الي 10 اليل
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